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Real Estate Appraiser Located in Toms River, Ocean County Servicing All of NJ

The team at Jersey Shore Appraisals features firsthand experience as construction contractors as a part of development, construction, and rehabilitation of homes throughout New Jersey. This gives us unique insight as an estate appraiser. With knowledge of construction procedures, building material utilized, and the overall nature of how these factors have an appeal in an open market, we provide you with the most accurate appraisal services available.

Providing Accurate Estate Appraisals For:

  • Financing - Including Services Offered to Mortgage Companies & Banks for Purchasing & Home Equity
  • Re-Financing - Providing Appraisals for Banks & Mortgage Companies for the Purpose of Refinance Purchasing & Home Equity
  • Purchase - Comprehensive Real Estate Appraisals to Assist Banks & Mortgage Companies with Opinions of Market Value
  • Tax Appeal - Professional Appraisal & Expert Testimony When Required & Assisting Homeowners with the Process of Property Tax Reduction
  • Divorce - Court-Ordered Evaluations of Property & the Allocation of Assets
  • Bail Bonds - An Appraisal Report to Provide Proof of Equity
  • Estates - Provided to Beneficiaries to Assist with the Valuation of an Estate for State Tax Purposes

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